About the brand

Curvy ceramics is a brand of unique handmade pieces created by Anna Chebotareva.
Anna fell in love with the pottery in 2019 when she took the first lesson. Since then she’s studied wheel throwing, hand-building, painting with engobes, glazing until she found her own creative language.
The philosophy behind
As a mental health and psychosomatic therapist, Anna knows how important is to look deeper in oneself to find out who you are and why you are here. To discover your shades and to find beauty even in your own imperfections.
The mission
That philosophy led to the mission of the CURVY ceramics: these pieces, just as our bodies, souls and characters are born to be unique and authentic.
Finding poetry in...
They are not for everyone, but some will definitely be inspired by their wavy, irregular and organic forms and curves. Finding poetry in imperfection teaches us to be more open, tolerant with ourselves and the world. To be happy.
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